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Project Mboke Nwoye Immerienwe Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria PDF Afdrukken E-mail

From 17 October till 23 November 2008 Stephen Obinna visited Mboke Nwoye Immerienwe - Imo State - Nigeria, to provide this community with pipe borne water. This will help reduce water related diseases. 

This project was covered in the regional and national press of Nigeria. Click on the links below:


Stephen Obinna, the co.founder of Water Life Africa, was standing with the elders and the community youth to show them the project plans:

The co.founder, the elders and youths of Immerienwe community Mboke on there way back from 6km walk to the stream:

On our way back from the stream:

The first drilling of the water bore hole:

The water coming out of the ground:

Water supply tank for the on going project:

A young man of 17 years was asked on how they survived with such drinking water named water borne diseases. His answer was God has been so kind to us in this community.

The bridge that lead others from the community to the stream was completely damaged. The bridge is no longer motorable, bicycles can not pass through and it's dangerious to walk accross:

The founder of Water Life Africa was to the stream, coupled with the community head of Mboke Immerienwe and the youths of the communities.


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